Benito’s Pizzeria 
& Cafe

Since 1987, Benito’s Pizzeria and Cafe has been happily serving the Warwick Valley with authentic Italian Cuisine and of course, New York’s best slice of pizza!  Owned and operated by Silvio and his son, Benito.   Benito’s uses only the finest ingredients in all of their dishes, including their signature, secret homemade pizza sauce that adds exceptional flavor to every bite.  Diners will be pleased to discover tasty ways to satisfy appetites.

With gnocchi primavera or our signature homemade specials like seasoned salmon puttanesca, plentiful salads and, many other meals all freshly prepared to your liking all served in a cozy and spacious dining room. Also available at Benito’s are delightful specials updated weekly, as well as an extensive catering menu suitable for any and all occasions.  Buon Appetito!!


Open 7 Days